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​​Over the 20+ years that I have been involved with technology, I am consistently surprised with the lack of business acumen of “I.T. Professionals”.  The challenge with businesses and their technology is that their I.T. Staff is more interested in “turning the screwdriver” or “talking about how great technology can help”, without either having the proper technological skills or even a basic understanding of the various core areas of the business. 
Without a barrier to entry into I.T., businesses are left to trust their operations to someone who often does not have the proper skills.  It’s quite scary when you realize that in order to cut hair, a license is required, yet there are no such requirements to enter I.T.  The result of which leads to many businesses putting hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars of revenue at risk.
I started NextStep Technology Solutions, LLC. to address these challenges and ‘bridge the gap’ between management and I.T.  Our unique approach has resulted in higher productivity, controlled costs, and a clear path to continued technological growth.  In addition, by integrating into your business model and processes, we assist your business in growing into your technological needs in a step-by-step basis while ensuring the regulatory compliance.
Our resources have worked with Fortune 500 companies down to the 5 person small business.  Regardless of the size of your organization, our approach to technology and business efficiency is the same.

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About Us

NextStep Technology Solutions, LLC is a company that removes the confusion and bridges the gap between the business and the technology, along with enhancing security and regulatory compliance.

Jonathan Fisher

Years of experience: 21
Position: President & CEO

Mr. Fisher established NextStep Technology Solutions, LLC to provide business technology consulting for businesses. He provides the leadership and forward thinking to our clients.


TO IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS' PERFORMANCE AND PROVIDE the necessary guidance for leveraging your technology.