The Problems

Here are the problems: Most MSPs lack true "expertise" because there is no barrier to entry for I.T. professionals - anyone can call himself an "I.T. professional". They charge hourly rates for services that are excluded from the contracted services. They also act as "Authorized Resellers" to sell you manufacturer-specific hardware and software.
The impact? They make more money by going slowly and by buying more stuff. Most MSPs are good people with good intentions; but humans are easily biased creatures and financial incentives are often too seductive to ignore.

Our staff includes professionals with at least 15 years of experience in the various industries that we service. We have special expertise in I.T. Governance, Compliance, Security, Training, and Staff evaluation and many more.

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OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE BEEN EVERYWHERE – Healthcare to legal to education and beyond

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About Us

NextStep Technology Solutions, LLC is a company that removes the confusion and bridges the gap between the business and the technology, along with enhancing security and regulatory compliance.

we believe in better business through better technology

I need technology for my business but.....

For so many businesses, technology is not what matters most. More than likely you offer a service or sell a physical product. You run a medical clinic or a dental office or perhaps a law firm.  
You know technology is needed but don’t have the expertise yourself. So you do what business owners have done for decades, you hire a Managed Services Provider (MSP). They promise to set you up with the latest hardware, software and teach you best practices so that you may be left alone to run your business. 
We’ve all heard this story  - so why so often are business owners ultimately unhappy? 

The Fix

NextStep Technology Solutions, LLC is different.  

Unlike MSPs who offer a specific menu of services and then try to fit your business needs into that menu, we tailor our services and fees to meet your specific needs.  We are as motivated as our clients to get the right work done in the least amount of time. 

We are not affiliated with any manufacturers, allowing us to be completely impartial in the decision-making process, nor do we earn anything on hardware or software you purchase from your distributors. We work for you – to work with the distributor and your I.T. staff in design, price negotiations, teaches, install and support.  In short, we are not brokers.